January 13, 2019 all-day
Worship Center
Clifton Bullock
(802) 748-5639

A couple times a year, UBC holds a baptism for those who regularly attend or are wishing to become members at UBC. The baptism is usually held as part of or just after the morning worship service.

Baptism is not merely a responsibility but also a privilege. We have the opportunity to evidence our trust in and love for our King through obedience in this ordinance. If we think of baptism as a mere burden, we have not properly understood the joy of following Christ in the call to be baptized. We should have a similar response as the Ethiopian eunuch who, when he believed the gospel, proclaimed, “What prevents me from being baptized?” It should be our joy, and we should eagerly anticipate our participation in the ordinance.

The desire to be baptized should be motivated by a desire to glorify God in faithful obedience. Any other motivation (to join a particular local church, to please a friend or family member, etc.) should not be the ultimate reason for seeking to be baptized. To learn more about what we believe about baptism, click here.

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