The World

UBC currently supports approximately 15 missionaries and partners with 8 organizations both in the USA and around the globe. To learn more about the specific missionaries we support, visit the missions wall in our foyer or contact Fred Pike, the head of our Outreach Team. If your heart is for missions we want to connect with you!

Short-term Missions
Missions isn't reserved for spiritual "superstars." It doesn't only occur in the remote parts of the world. And it doesn't just mean preaching. God tells us to bring good news to those living in the darkness of life without Jesus. Using the unique gifts and talents God has gifted us with, we show others God's love both in word and deed. We can do that here - in workplaces, in neighborhoods, in our communities - wherever God calls us. A few times a year UBC commits itself to missions trips both in the USA and overseas. We've been to Honduras, Peru, Ghana, Texas, Alaska and Haiti to name a few that have taken place in the last few years. Its our heart to see groups and individuals committed to missions be supported and also to bring our own people out of their comfort zones to serve in areas where they can be exposed to other cultures and challenged in their faith. Below are some trips we have planned for the future.



TBD 2019| $TBD

Once a year, a team from UBC serves at Victory Bible Camp & Conference Center in the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska. The goal of this trip is to encourage the camp staff through completing work projects that will help the camp and conference center as they finish out their summer season. Tasks may include cutting and stacking firewood, working in the kitchens, cleaning, or operating machinery as expertise allows.

If you're interested in serving on the team traveling to Alaska in 2019, contact Fred and Leonia for more details.

Trip Contact: Fred & Leonia Pike




February 23-March 3, 2019  | $1,300

UBC is sponsoring a teen missions trip to San Francisco de Yojoa.  This village is the hometown of one of our church members, Rosa Gray.  She has been conducting evangelistic efforts in this town over the past several years in the public schools and  we are going to help do followup and teaching on what she has done.

What we will doing during the trip?

  • Evangelism and teaching in the Honduran public graded and high schools
  • Open air evangelism in the central park
  • Small work projects around town
  • Small medical team working with a government clinic and doing some house visits

What is the latest date to decide to go on the trip or not?

We are limiting the number of people on the team to 20 members. We must know how many are going by no later than November 23rd.

For more information on the trip to Honduras you can contact one of the guys below or pick up the information sheet in the foyer.

Trip Contacts: Clifton Bullock & Seth Powers