Although the name "Baptist" accurately describes our beliefs and practices, we are not governed by any other organization or association. We are distinctly Christian in our beliefs and doctrine, holding to the Bible as our guide. People who attend UBC come from a variety of denominational backgrounds and some have never been to church before. We will partner with other organizations and associations from time to time for the purpose of outreach, mission projects, and church planting – both locally and globally.
As stated above, UBC is distinctly Christian in our beliefs and practices, and we hold to the Bible as God’s Word and our guide. For a more detailed explanation of our statement of beliefs and doctrine, click here.
Our Sunday morning Worship service is welcoming and casual. You can wear a suit and tie, jeans, or shorts if you want. Our community of believers all dress differently according to how they feel most comfortable.
Our services last for about an hour and are different from week to week depending on the the current teaching series we are in as well as what is going on in our church body. Our goal during the worship service is that everything from the music to the teaching would be full of truth and pointing to Christ. The music part of our worship is neither strictly traditional or modern as we like to focus in on songs that glorify God no matter what era or style they were written in.
The answer is simply No, No, and No! We don’t want you to feel pressured. We always encourage people to participate in our services, but you won’t have to wear a sign saying “I’m a visitor!” or anything like that. There’s also no pressure for you to give financially if you’re just checking us out. Our regular attenders give their weekly tithes and offerings by placing them in the offering. If you like, you can just be anonymous. However, whenever you are ready and feel comfortable doing so, we do have an attendance slip we'd love you to fill out so we can get to know you better as you are getting to know us. It also helps us know if you want to be included in things like our directory or get our newsletter. We can't connect if we don't know you're here!
Our nursery provides childcare for children 0-2 years of age both for Sunday School and during the service. All childcare workers in the nursery and Adventure Zone have been through a background check and are ChildSafe certified. You will be asked to sign your child in and out of the nursery for their safety and your peace of mind.

The Adventure Zone is an option for children ages 3-5 during the service if you decide you would like to take advantage of that. Just as in the nursery, all of our childcare workers are background checked and trained. Just like in the infant nursery, you will be asked to sign your child in and out of Adventure Zone for their safety. Your child will play with toys, interact with other children his/her age, have a snack and watch a short video about God.

During our Morning Worship Service we have a special part of the morning set aside for Kids Corner. Any kids in the service are invited down front for a short lesson before the sermon begins.

Our church community is very welcoming if you decide you would like to keep your children with you during the service. Our library at the top of the stairs is open only to mothers with children and/or nursing mothers in case you need to slip out in order to attend to them. The service is also televised in the library, our nursery, and Adventure Zone so you won't have to miss any part of the service while caring for your little ones. We also have a kids' table right outside the ground floor of the sanctuary that is equipped with Children's bulletins, books, and crayons for their use during the service if you want to keep little hands busy.

On Sunday afternoons, kids from 1st-6th grade come back to UBC for U.B.C. (United By Christ) Kids. U.B.C. Kids meets from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for energizing, inspirational music that will keep us singing all week long, faith-based stories will guide and encourage, then add friendly cooperative activities and games galore.

If your kids are in Junior High or Highschool, check out Ignite, which meets on Sunday afternoons from 5:30-7:30 p.m. You can see more information about them under the "Grow" area of our website.
During the academic year (September-May) we have Sunday Bible Classes from 9:00-10:00 a.m. on Sunday Mornings followed by our Morning Worship Service at 10:15. As for a midweek service -- at UBC we strive for simplicity and value effectiveness not busyness. Many churches keep their people very, very busy with “church” activities and events throughout the week yet all that activity does not automatically equal effective ministry. Our weekend services are our main event each week. We pour a tremendous amount of energy into each Sunday so that they are fresh, engaging, and spiritually challenging to your walk with God. We encourage our people to simply be involved in 4 things:

1. Worship – Attending on Sunday and daily devotion to God
2. Groups – Be in a FAITH Group (i.e. small group) throughout the week/month
3. Growth - Be mentored yourself and be looking for someone to mentor
4. Serve – Serve in the church and community

We will fight complexity as a church because we assume your life is complex and packed enough already. So even though we won’t be developing a long list of sub-ministries and programs, we firmly believe a commitment to these 4 things will propel people to the next level in their relationship with God as we follow Christ.
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